How to include News and Events into your site

The Region Parameter Values: This parameter is required to display the news and events page for a specific region.
Western Cape = 1, Southern Cape = 2, Eastern Cape = 3, Northern Cape = 4, KwaZulu Natal = 5, Free State = 6
North West = 7, Mpumalanga = 8, Gauteng = 9, Northern Province = 10, Namibia = 11, Swaziland = 12, Zimbabwe = 13
Method 1: A simple hyperlink anywhere on your page
  • News and events map page
    The news and events is not displayed directly. Your visitor can select a specific region of interest by clicking it on a map. This page accepts no parameter.

    When the visitor clicks a valid region on the map, the map page is replaced by the real news and events page for the selected region. (same window/frame)

    If your site is not region bound then this may be the one you would choose.

    Copy the link you require and paste it in your HTML code --->

Try it: news and events
  • The live news and events page - defaults to a specific area
    If your site is region bound you will want to show your visitors the news and events specific for your region. To do this you are required to pass a Region parameter (case is important) as part of the link. The Region parameter values are shown at the top of this page.

    If you don't specify a Region parameter, the page defaults to Western Cape but your visitor can specify and other region whilst viewing the page.

    Copy the link you require and paste it in your HTML code ->
    (Note that you'll need to replace the "x" with the correct parameter value)

Try it: news and events for Southern Cape

Method 2: Use an image as a hyperlink

  • Use an image as a visual hyperlink
    Right click on the image and select 'Save Image As' then save it on your site in your images folder, or display it using the link on the right. When you have the image on your page, insert one of the hyperlinks as discussed above and the image becomes your visual link. You can use any image.
Do you want this image? To get it click here:

Method 3: Using an inline frame (recommended)

Using an inline frame, the news and events page can become a physical part of your web page - and it's the easiest to implement. Just copy the code on the right and past it into the HTML code of your page at the place you want the inline frame to appear.

You can change the parameters to suit your page, but don't make the width less than 820 pixels (the news and events page is 800 wide). I don't recommend changing the frameborder parameter. If you must, the only other parameter to use there is 1, which creates a frame border. Change the Region parameter as required (see above).

Click the button to see this code working on this page.   --->
Click it again to remove the inline frame.

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