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  Yeah, we are bikers too - believe it
Who else could have thought up something like this!

Princess on the pillion
seat of my ZX10R.

We are bikers - and software developers
When I say "we" I refer to my wife and I. Yep, amongst others we are a business called Pro Software.

I have been developing custom software for many years. I focus on specific market segments and have many clients in the Sheriff and Auctioneer professions. These guys run their businesses on my software. I remember the days when DOS 2 was the operating system of choice and you were "one of the boys" if you had a 5 megabyte hard disk and a 100cps dot-matrix printer! Times have changed since then...

Our office is at home in a room overlooking the Knysna lagoon in the Southern Cape. That makes us Garden Route bikers. We have been involved in organized biking for some time now. It was these ties that led to the initial development of Biker desktop software because I'm a lazy bugger and like to get things done more quickly and more efficiently - that gives me more time to ride bikes!

We ride Kawasaki's. Our current little fleet consists of a 1400 GTR, 2 x ER-6F's and a KLR650. I have been riding since I could swing a leg over. Started out on 50cc "buzz bikes" back in the 60's. I was then a wild youngster in that "rocker" era and regard myself as very privileged to have been there and been part of it.

I have to mention that over the years I have ridden Suzuki's, Honda's, and Yamaha's too. I am a confirmed Jap bike fan. Rode a BMW once and liked it, but I have never owned one, and its unlikely that I ever will. Sat on a Harley and have photo to prove it, but I have never seriously considered buying one - just not my style.

We are both webmasters, but our web site development abilities are basic. We focus on practicality and user friendliness instead of flashy bells and whistles and exorbitant graphics. Like with Biker, our reasoning is you go to web sites to do something, so get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible.



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