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News And Events For Western Cape
Fri 3-August-2018
Sun 5-August-2018

Kraai Rally 2018
Hosted by Soos Bloed

Bikers Fellowship/Church
BIKERS FELLOWSHIP / CHURCH in 254 Rosmead Avenue, Wynberg is welcoming you to come and have a cup of coffee / tea with us. Join in the singing and enjoy the warm feeling of comfort amongst us.

SUNDAY NIGHTS 7pm - 8pm.
EVERY 2nd and 4th FRIDAY OF THE MONTH at 8.00pm.
This is more laid back and when we can, we show gospel DVD's.

Come say Hi. Would love to see u.
Tim & Lorraine Byne
021 7060761 (H)
Lol office: 5276501
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Let a Biker Handle The Legalities
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Biking Accident? Legal stuff? Could cost plenty!!

In short, these boys do all the legal things, sort the statements, ensure prosecution where possible or applicable, do a lawsuit for costs and expenses not covered by the Road Accident Fund and/or insurance and/or medical schemes, against whomever and/or his/her insurance.

All for an astounding small amount.
Ever biker should have it.

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