Information And Background


Biker Event Publisher is desktop software that connects to a remote MySQL database on the Internet.
It's FREE and available to all bikers by download from Bikerweb

My vision is to provide the biking community with the means to be able to publish their events in a professional and
standardised way so that they get the best possible exposure. This will be a huge advantage to the clubs,
and to the biking community as a whole.
In a nutshell - this is EXACTLY what Biker Event Publisher does...

It's the new kid on the block and a first for SA biking. Biker Event Publisher is biker software. There is nothing like it (or maybe I missed something on the search engines?). I should be selling it and getting rich, but to me biking is a passion and not a business - and I never want to make it one. I challenged myself to develop this system and it has taken me all of three years to get it all working together.

The Current Information Technology ( IT) Biking Community

Fragmented! That's us. That's our big IT problem. Why? Because there are literally hundreds of biker web sites, most of which are visited by only those who know about them, or those who stumble upon them by accident. Come on, this you already know! So, IT wise, we are fragmented - full stop.

We lack suitable software to administer our clubs! Outdated club name lists on spreadsheets or in document files is about the best most clubs can do because they don't have the software to do better. How many road captains can truthfully say that when they lead a club ride, they have the details on hand of every member in their clubs? If there is a serious accident (forbid that this happens!), do they know what they need to know about the unfortunate member to be able to sort the mess efficiently?  Some can, but many more can't - that's a fact.

When it comes to our events we once again face the fragmentation problem. Many sites publish their events very professionally, but because of fragmentation only their visitors see these events. Would it not be great if EVERYBODY in the biking community could see them? Some may argue that they publish their events in BikeSA, and get great exposure. Sure thing - that is the best place to do it for national exposure, but that also has it's limitations. You can't change anything once it's published, it costs time and effort - and then again, it's only seen by those who buy the publication. I'm NOT saying don't publish on BikeSA, but simply pointing out that, at the end of the day, there is once again fragmentation as many of our biking community members don't get BikeSA on a regular basis.

To sum up

  • IT aware bikers can't visit every biking site every day to check for events - there are far too many.
  • No biker web site exposes every event in the country. Some come close regarding national events, but none have it all - not a single one.
  • There are many events that never get published at all. These events would have had much more support if they had been published - that's a fact!
  • There is still no single place on the Internet where you can go to find out what is going on, whether it be in your immediate area, or nationally.
  • Fragmentation remains the culprit, no matter from which angle you look at it!
The concept is simple. It's always the simple things that work best!

Biker Event Publisher is FREE, so anybody can afford it and nobody has anything to lose by acquiring it. If you CAN'T lose, you can only WIN. Does that make sense? It offers bike clubs the thing they need most of all:

    It is not mandatory to use events. See events. Imagine this - even local breakfast runs and club gatherings can now be advertised! Apart from the automated exposure provided by Bikerweb, the most powerful feature of events is that certain events can optionally make use of the automated Bikerweb Online Entry System - and administer their online entrants. See pre-entries.

When a biker acquires the software, he/she is linked to a powerful MySQL database (also used by Google, Facebook and other giants) by remote Internet connection and has all the features the software exposes at his/her fingertips. Once their club is registered and approved by Bikerweb, they control their own IT destiny. They have the ability to expose their events on public web pages because they post the events themselves. When they post an event they will get the very best exposure possible. The public web pages I refer to are already part of many biker web sites. The exact number of sites presenting these pages is unknown. For example, see Bikerweb News and also Online Rally Entries.

The cherry on top...
And still it goes further. To complete the circle Bikerweb offers biker web sites the use of it's public web pages. Biker webmasters can either embed them, display them, or link to them from their own web sites. See Services on Bikerweb. The webmasters who implement these services will be assisting to solve the fragmentation problem without taking anything away from their own sites.

As more and more bikers realize that Biker Event Publisher is easy to use, and acquire it, and use it, more and more events will be exposed on the public web pages linked to its database, and more and more IT aware bikers will use those public web pages for what they were intended - a one stop biking event directory that has it all. The published events will reap the benefits and attendance will skyrocket. So, the concept is simple - let the bikers post their events themselves.


Security has been carefully planned. We all know how important security is, especially when it comes to public exposure on the Internet. Biker Event Publisher is extremely secure. Clubs have two login parameters and BOTH must match exactly. The chances of a hacker guessing both correctly are so small that they are about zero. For example a club number is a random 6 digit number between 100000 and 999999, so a hacker will have to guess  900,000 times just to get that right. On top of that the random 8 digit password containing case sensitive letters and numbers must also be guessed correctly. I'm not a great mathematician, but if somebody has the time they can calculate the likelihood of somebody breaking this! Of course it's not impossible with the right code cracker software. On the other hand, who would go to all that trouble to gain access to  a list of club events? Currently you expose that information publicly anyway.

The security of the login parameters for a club rests with the club. Their administrator(s) decide who gets authorized and only those members get informed. If they leak it out to other clubs then that's their problem, but if they don't there is NO WAY that other clubs can mess with their event information. Bikerweb will not distribute login parameters to anybody - no matter who requests it. If a club requires to change it's password (because of new administrators) then Bikerweb will do it after personal telephonic confirmation from at least two office bearers of that club. When it has been changed the new password will be sent to the President (or the person appointed by him/her) by personal email.

The Bikerweb database
Bikerweb will not sell, make available or use the private data contained in the database for any reason whatsoever. Biker Event Publisher may not be used to advertise commercial businesses or commercial products via event postings. Bikerweb will carefully monitor the public postings and if any illegal postings are done, will delete those postings and ban the "club" who made the posting.

Who is paying for this and what costs are involved?

I am. The costs involved are the yearly domain cost of Bikerweb, and the monthly cost of a commercial web site package. If the bandwidth used by the site exceeds the limits set by the commercial package then I get debited for those costs as well. The bikers pay nothing, absolutely nothing.

These are the basics. Did you comprehend the possibilities of Biker Event Publisher?
Would you be brave enough to pioneer the release of Biker Event Publisher?
Would you promote Biker Event Publisher if it does what I say it does?
Would you support the concept and underwrite it?

If so then download Biker Event Publisher and get involved so you can see for yourself.
(you are free to distribute the downloaded file on your own web site or give it to anybody, as long as they are bikers)

If not, then please mail me your thoughts/problems/queries etc.