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This site exists for South African IT bikers. It is created by a biker for bikers. My vision is:
  • To provide IT bikers (webmasters) with FREE biking services on the Internet.
  • To provide any biker club with desktop software so that they have the proper infrastructure to administer their clubs and events.

I don't promote a specific group, club, council or association. To me, all bikers are equally important. My sole intention is to promote IT biking in South Africa. I provide free IT services and software for bikers, and you'll find them here. Many are apprehensive about anything for free. I understand that because I'd include myself as one of them! Unfortunately, there are always those with ulterior motives. I can only state that I'm a well known Southern Cape "toppie" biker. Believe me when I tell you that the last thing I'd consider is conning fellow bikers.

I therefore invite you to make use of my web site and the services and software I offer. I swear by the honour of a biker that there is no spy ware or malware in the software that I distribute.

Respect to you
Ray (webmaster)

Bikerweb has changed ISP. As a result the update routines contained in existing Biker, Biker Online and Biker Event Publisher software will not work. You can manually download and install the special package (link below) to fix your software. If your release of the software is less than 1.1.40 it is highly recommended that you do this otherwise your software may cease working altogether.

1. Save it on your hard disk
2. After the download completes, find it and run it to complete the installation.

The pic above shows some screen shots taken from a few of the service pages and desktop software you can find here. The service pages can be included in your web site - visit the Services page for detail!
The services I offer:
Bikerweb News
Bikers Opinion Poll
Pre-entry for Rallies (not available yet, but in the pipeline)

Desktop software:
Biker Toolbox desktop software for your club administration
Popular software downloads

New RSS Feed From Bikerweb!!!
On the left you can see our new Events and News RSS Feed. This is a live feed and is always 100% up to date. Spoil your biker surfers by including it in your web site - they will use it.

To include it in your web site is a simple as including this code:

Set the height and width to suit your page. I don't recommend changing the frameborder or border settings as the RSS Reader has it's own border, as you can see on the left. This component operates best inside the <td> and </td> tags of a table cell sized to accommodate the iframe.

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